Why Choose My Office 985?

Starting a business or making the decision to work from home sounds great at first- you set your own schedule, and you have no commute to work. However, ditching the office scene altogether for your couch, or local coffee shop, has its downsides. With no structure to your day and little to no accountability to get things done, your work-life balance can become a bit tricky. That's why My Office 985's professional office spaces are the perfect addition to your business.

The temporary to permanent office rental of My Office 985 is the perfect in-between for a business owner that needs flexibility but also needs a little bit of structure in their day. Our office-style environment is perfect for an entrepreneur or any business professional that is looking for the benefit of a private office away from home, without the hefty price tag (plus a cowork space has its advantages!)

Work-Life Balance and Separation from your House

When you work from home, there is always a distraction. With no accountability, it's too easy to lose valuable time watching TV, working around the house, etc. By keeping work and home separate, you can keep structure in your life and provide you with a space to escape to when you need to get the job done.

Raise Your Efficiency

Working in an office environment with fellow workers is shown to create a mindset that is unlike working alone. According to a study shown on Office Vibe, working in an office environment with other likeminded office tenants made 64% of business owners more productive, 68% of business owners more focused, and 90% of entrepreneurs more confident.

Get inspired and Avoid Loneliness

Working alone can be isolating and negatively impact your mood. When you work in a space such as My Office 985, with other business owners/tenants, you are surrounded by like-minded people who have an independent lifestyle that significantly mimics your own leaving you feeling energized, motivated, social, and happy!

Networking While You Work

Shared Office Spaces, such as My Office 985, allow you an opportunity to meet other local business owners and develop lasting relationships. You can team up with people that have different backgrounds, skill sets, and ideas allowing you to "pick their brains."


If you're considering private office space, you probably forgot all of the added expenses that come with them! Utilities, fixed-term leases, internet, and more have to go into consideration when looking for a place. With a professional office space such as My Office 985- that is all taken care of with your rent.

Food and Drink Welcome

Don't worry about if you're going to get booted from your local coffee shop for bringing in outside food! My Office 985 welcomes food and drinks (including adult beverages) to be brought in. (Coffee, tea, and water are provided.)
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My Office 985 offers convenient and professional temporary to permanent office space rental for business professionals in Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties. Featuring a quiet, flexible workspace, access to wifi, a conference room, free coffee, and so much more, My Office 985 is the ideal space to match any business professional's unique needs without the hefty price attached to most rental spaces. Host your most important clients in one of our clean, friendly, inviting spaces today!


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