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One of the major benefits of working for yourself is FLEXIBILITY. An entrepreneur sets their own schedule for getting their work done and as a result might end up working some pretty strange hours to get work done (which makes My Office 985 the perfect solution for any entrepreneur). Our affordable office rentals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fit any busy entrepreneurs schedule.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents need a quiet, professional location to meet with clients and discuss their policy making My Office 985 the perfect solution! My Office 985 offers ample privacy, flexibility, and a convenient space that insurance agents feel proud to bring their clients to. (BONUS: They also then have a quiet place to make phone calls, return emails, etc.)

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations all need a quiet space to host their meetings. My Office 985 offers flexible scheduling, individualized seating options, and a professional environment to accommodate group outings effortlessly.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales need a place to meet appointments, host sales parties, and run their growing empire, but their schedules often don't fall under "traditional" offices hours. My Office 985 offers flexible scheduling so office rental is available when they need it (and they're not paying for it when they don't!)

People Who Work From Home

Working from home is great... until you need to entertain clients or realize it's hard to get work done when the kids are home! Renting My Office 985 for business professionals who work from home is a no-brainer- they rent space when they need to get out of the house or are hosting guests.

Software Developers

Often, software developers have an internet-based job that allows them to work from anywhere. However, actually finding a quiet place to get coding done can be more difficult than you'd think; coffee shops get crowded and don't offer constricting hours. My Office 985 is a developers dream with flexible hours and quiet rooms with ample privacy.


More often than not, photographers are required to travel on location to capture their client's memories (and make a living). Therefore, they don't necessarily always need office space to get the job done. However, having a professional location, such as My Office 985, to show client's the finished photos or even set up consultation appointments can be a great option to offer their clients!

Tax Preparer

Tax Preparers face a difficult time renting professional-looking office space as they are seasonal and typically only need rental for a few months a year. My Office 985 is the perfect solution for these business professionals as we aren't forced into lengthy leases or commitments above what they need.


My Office 985 is a great professional office rental option for consultants that need a place to meet clients or host workshops! We find business consultants, life coaches, marketing advisors, and many other specialists get use out of our flexible scheduling.

People in From Out of Town

Whether someone is visiting family or traveling for work, business never takes a break! Having a place to work when coming in from out of town can make all the difference in making their stay as pain-free as possible! My Office 985 offers temporary office rental so they can book a professional office for as little as 4 hours or for as long as they'd like!


My Office 985 is flexible, professional, and conveniently located making it the perfect location to host a multitude of organizations and business professionals alike. Interested in booking a tour and seeing the place for yourself, click here!

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My Office 985 offers convenient and professional temporary to permanent office space rental for business professionals in Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties. Featuring a quiet, flexible workspace, access to wifi, a conference room, free coffee, and so much more, My Office 985 is the ideal space to match any business professional's unique needs without the hefty price attached to most rental spaces. Host your most important clients in one of our clean, friendly, inviting spaces today!


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